Sunday, January 6, 2013

Egyptian Tattoos

Egyptian tattoos seem to be drawing a bit of attention lately, although all things Egyptian have always been a popular art design.  Jewelry, paintings, furniture, architecture, clothing are and have remained popular for thousands of years.  It’s no wonder when you read some of the Egyptian tattoo requests below and their definitions and meanings.
egyptian tattoo on the neck

Various Types of Egyptian Tattoos

 Egyptian eye of the horus tattoo

Anubis Egyptian Tattoos – Anubis Egyptian Tattoos can be designed and illustrated several ways.  He is an Egyptian God and is considered to be half human and half jackal.  He can be standing or sitting. His upper half is jackal and lower half human; but when sitting he is a dog like position. There are hieroglyphics that translate to his name.

eye of the horus tattoo
Egyptian Cat Tattoos – The Egyptian Goddess Bastet is the daughter of Ra and Isis.  Her history is quite interesting.  Originally depicted as a fierce protector, she eventually became softened and is recognized as the Goddess of cats, sun and moon.  She is illustrated holding and ankh in one hand and a rattle in the other. Standing; Bastet is half cat on the upper body and human on the lower body.  She is also known for protection.

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